The Echo of Pleasure

The Echo Of Pleasure

The Echo of Pleasure


Black eyes in the summer sublime

Now your blood has turned to wine

Don’t be so quick to call me a child

Came to with the curtains drawn

No need to hide the scars on your arms

Was then I knew nothing was wrong

Anymore, I couldn’t take anymore

I wanted to die with you

I didn’t know the price I’d pay

I lost my way, don’t say it wasn’t true

But could you never learn to behave

Like a middle class kid with the privilege to save

Your barbs for a private page?

Don’t need to be told what I’ll never be


When I Dance With You

When I dance with you, I feel ok

‘Cuz I know just what to do

You get so down, I try to comfort

But sometimes words

They don’t do anything much at all

You tell me how we’re so different

You got a vision

But I can’t see beyond an afternoon

I don’t know how I’ll make money

Just want enough so you never have to worry

Who will we be in 2030?

Oh I can’t say, but I’d like it

If I always knew where you are

When I dance with you

Everyone else just slides out of view

When I dance with you

I feel just like there’s nothing I can do

But move the way you move

When I dance with you

I feel okay